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It’s About Time Marketers Jump On the Brand Train!

I truly believe Marketers Will Embrace Brand Promises!

Why? Because they HAVE TO! Marketers will embrace brand promises! Unfortunately, as a brand expert, I have always believed branding is at the core of everything but it really should be at the core of all you do including marketing! According to Forbes, they predict that marketers will embrace brand promises by spending time crafting and planning customer experiences. Similar to how Carmax promises, “The way car buying should be”. Marketers will be forced to market that and ensure that in all customer interactions this promise is upheld. In this article, Marketers will have to buy in because:
  1. Consumers Demand It
  2. Competition Demands It
How can you jump in with the marketers who is seeing this change?
  1. Break out of the day to day grind
  2. Get more from your existing resources
  3. Re-evaluate vendor relationships
The Kirk Concept truly believes in a powerful brand but will always stand to make sure our clients stand by that brand promise. See the full article below! Comment and let us know what you think about this awesome news! Source: See Full Forbes Article

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