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3 Practical Ways To Stick To The Goals You set!

Goals are a very interesting concept to grasp and hold on to. For the most part, people set them at the beginning of the year and by February and March the goal is lost, or you are achieving or pursuing a lesser version of the original goal. Merriam-Webster defines a goal as;

“the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.”
I have found some practical ways to stick to the goals that you have set for yourself!

1. Define your goal and write it down!

Most people have an idea for a goal but to truly define this goal is the most important part! It must be a practical goal, and it must also be something you have an idea of how to get to. It is one thing to lose weight (the most popular, but most unachieved goal known to man, in my opinion…lol), but you must know how you are going to lose it. Research workouts, ask a professional, take a class, etc. Once you define it, I think it is crucial to write this goal down somewhere that you can/will see every day! If you write your goal on a small napkin at the New Years Eve party after you’ve had a couple of drinks and expect to wake up the next morning and follow that dream you thought of while you were “quenching your thirst”, I think you are fooling yourself. Some good places to write goals down are
  • your bathroom mirror (because we all hopefully go there first thing in the morning)
  • in the car next to your speedometer (we all check our speed… please drive safe!)
  • Write it down and take a picture of it and make it your cell phone background (should I say more??)
If your goal is a big goal, feel free to break up the goal into bite size pieces and extend the due date! You are allowed to do this, you know, unlike school! If saving $45k for a down payment for a house is your goal and you are starting at $0 doing that in a year may not be realistic on a $50k income. So let’s start with an end goal of 5 years and let’s back into it. Divide your goal by 5 and now you have $9k/year, and that’s $750/mo… Sounds a little more realistic now right? Once you define it, write it down so you can remember it.

2. Make it a habit, Persevere!

Making your bite size goal that you wrote down a habit… How do you make it a habit you ask? Do that thing 21 times! To use our money saving illustration, we can make saving money a habit by saving $25/day… Make that savings or that bank account transfer of $25 a part of your morning routine. After saving $25/day for 21 days you will be on track to reach your goal and you will have already prepared yourself to finish achieving your goal before you have even finished. Habits are difficult to start but hard to break once going and in a groove. If adding it to your morning routine doesn’t work for you try setting a reminder in your phone at the same time every day. Your phone is pretty legit and I have never seen a recurring reminder show up late to the party… Ask your alarm clock in the morning if it woke up late??lol Reminders are a good way to make your goal a habit without having the willpower to do it on your own. A very important note here is after you begin making it a habit, KEEP GOING! Don’t let anything break your habit and I have never heard anyone take a step toward their goal and be upset about it. Just do it and you will feel good about it later… Trust me!

3. Get a team, and make the team help you!

One of the biggest issues with setting goals and keeping them, are the people that are around you who are not pursuing the same goal. I can speak from experience with myself trying to watch my diet while my wife can eat a rhino and lose 2 pounds afterward! I tell her I’m not eating carbs and she throws down a gallon of pasta and bread right in front of my face. So what I am saying here, is get people around you to encourage you to stick to your goal. Even though my wife can do all of these things in front of me while I’m pursuing a goal, she is really good at keeping me in check with not deviating from the goal that I set for myself. Just know temptation screams loud when it’s sitting in front of you! If we are saving money, your teammates should not invite you to go to lunch every day knowing that you are trying to save. Now if they want to treat you because they want the time together, then take them up on their offer! But don’t feel obligated for the sake of the friendship when your “friend” should be encouraging you to stay on course! Accountability from yourself is one thing but crowding yourself around people who want that same goal for you will come in handy when temptation creeps in!

Supporting Scripture

Galatians 6:9 “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up

In Conclusion

Goals are beautiful when achieved. Go define one and write it down… Find a way to make it a habit and get some people around you that want to help you get there! These tips are just some that work well for me, but I am sure there are millions of tips that work for others. Leave some comments below on some tips that work for you! I’d love to hear them!

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