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What Drives You?

I have always been told that infamous quote that if you find what you love doing you will never have to work a day in your life! As a graphic designer, I am definitely doing what I love and it is absolutely accurate saying I have not worked a day in my life. One thing I think this quote leaves out, is finding out what drives you! When I first entered college, as an eager and motivated freshman, I had the opportunity to be a paid intern at a local architecture firm. Man, that was a big deal! If someone were to ask me then what my goal was to do I would have quickly responded with being an “architect”! Following this internship, I started college and took my first architecture class. It was the most amazing and interesting class that I have ever taken and enjoyed the least because I realized architecture, was someone else’s dream. I enjoyed the thought of being an architect. I was driven by the thought of what architects could accomplish, not by what I truly had a passion for. At this point, I was forced to find that passion… but how? Here are 5 things to help you determine what drives you.

1. Find something you do every single day, that you don’t think about.

There are a bunch of things that we all do every day that we don’t really set out to do, but do it out of pure love for that thing. Like kissing your spouse good morning/night, read the newspaper for current events (or open the CNN app on your phone), or simply redesign a new Taco Tuesday event logo for your favorite taco shop. There are a number of things like this that we do, it is just a matter of recognizing it when we do these things.

2. Do the “Get Out of Bed” Test

Picture it is Saturday morning and there is nothing planned on your schedule for the next two days. No work, appointments, errands, chores, etc., to be done. You decide to call in an Uber Eats for breakfast just so you don’t have to leave the house. Besides a shower and using the bathroom, what gets you out of bed and fired up to do and finish? That’s the thing the drives you. Anything that can get you physically moving on a day where moving is not necessary is something the drives you!

3. Work for FREE

What would be something you could do for Free, that someone would normally charge for, just to get another opportunity at doing this “hobby” or “craft” again. What about using your hands to build a chair or table for a friends new house? Or just develop a website in one night to take on the challenge because you want to pull an all-nighter and someone benefit from it. Money is always a motivator for a lot of people but it is never what moves people. The thing that moves them is what money can get them. If money were not in the equation, how would you spend your time?

4. Do you need motivation when things get tough?

If you are currently pursuing something and you feel like you hit a wall of some sort. Do you need something to drop out of the sky to motivate you? Or is the end goal enough? If the end goal is enough, you have found what drives you. But if there is nothing that can get you going, you are probably doing something that doesn’t move you. Everyone has a difficult time when pursuing a goal at some point, but when the passion is there, there should be nothing to put that fire out, IF THAT FIRE IS REAL.

5. Listen to your conscience!

I truly believe your conscience speaks louder than we think. When something is not right, your conscience definitely knows how to get your attention, you just make the decision of turning down the volume. If you go to work every day selling real estate and you see a little girl with her family and you are just drawn towards kids, your conscience usually speaks up and says, “It would be nice/fulfilling to work at a daycare”. Unfortunately, our brain immediately says, “That doesn’t make enough money”. That is when we have to really ask ourselves, what is the driving force behind what we do? Is it money, or helping people? You have to make a decision, but your conscience makes it pretty clear, you just have to listen.


I have given you these 5 points, not from books or articles that I have read, but from experience. I have asked myself thousands of times, what I should be doing. What am I doing when I get bored or have free time? What am I motivated by? What do I feel my purpose is? If it is clear, you’ll hear it. If it is not, you might have to pray and ask God for some direction. You have to be willing to listen and you can’t let money plug your ears. Allow Him to show you what your heart desires, and let Him have his way with it so it can be fulfilled daily!

Supporting Scripture

May He give you what your heart desires and fulfill your whole purpose. -Psalms 20:4

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