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User Experience vs. Conversions

User Experience is overlooked when all most people see are dollar signs.

Every day I go into work wondering how our conversions are doing for our companies. But as a user experience obsessionist, I wonder if people hate the browsing experience. I check analytics. I look at goals and user behavior. Bounce Rate. Time on Page, and on and on and on I go.

Then I stop and ask myself. Why do only 10% of our customers purchase from our sites? Why not 100%? Even 50% would be nice. Are 90% of the audiences we bring to the sites not interested? Is the design too ugly to continue? Are they not ready to purchase yet? Is the site broken and making them leave? How is the user experience?

The same handful of questions go through my head every day and I think that I should be doing something about it. Instead, I ignore these recurring questions and proceed to fix what needs to be fixed and creating awesome ad campaigns to bring more traffic. My solution is always, “Well if 10% is the best we can do, bring more traffic so the number of users increases, which makes my 10% higher.

But why not increase my 10% to 20% until we get to 50% by bettering the user experience?

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