About Us

The Kirk Concept is a full-service creative team ready to help every business get excited about their own brand through graphic design, branding, and web design/development.

The owner, Christopher Jones, started this business right out of college in 2012 and it has been a part-time gig for him while he worked full-time jobs as his primary source of income. Over the years he became most excited about creating a brand that companies can get excited about for themselves and next came marketing those brands.

In 2013 he was introduced to marketing and can’t break the addiction. He would never have thought that a designer could fall in love with marketing and realized that they all should because designing for businesses naturally become marketing when the end user can respond to the brand with data and analytics. Functional design emerged.

Christoph has set a goal for TKC in 2015 and that is to have every company in Las Vegas excited about their own brand to the point where it becomes a marketing competition and not a quality/brand competition. If any company is looking to get excited about their own brand, TKC is the way to go.

The Kirk Concept | Graphic Designer | Website Designer Las Vegas, NV