Graphic Design

Graphic Design is at the center of most things The Kirk Concept does.

Functional graphic design is what our brand experts live by. Cool graphic design is only cool if it works for your customers.

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Logo Design

InnoHealth Logo Design Sketches - Graphic Design - The Kirk Concept

Logo design is one of The Kirk Concept’s most valuable services offered. We strategically plan out the best way to get to the final product by doing industry & competitive research before even putting pen/pencil to a canvas. Then we mock up 8-12 logo sketches to find what direction you feel best suits your brand and customer audience. We will go back and forth, over 50+ logos later we will end up with 2 winners that you can choose from that will encompass all of the important elements every logo should have. It will match your brand. And you will be excited to show all of your business colleagues the new direction your company is now taking.

Brand guidelines are always delivered to our clients who have a logo designed by The Kirk Concept. We want to ensure no one outside or inside of your company is representing your awesome brand poorly. We look forward to working with you and your business to develop the final product you have always been waiting for.

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Print Design

Lazer Ladies Print Design - Graphic Design - The Kirk Concept

Print design is an impactful type of design that never goes away until the end user decides they no longer need it. Combining text, photos, and graphical elements to get across a message in a timeless print piece can be difficult for someone without the knowledge of design fundamentals.

The Kirk Concept has mastered these design techniques and has created professional and functional business cards, letterhead, flyers, album covers, posters, and magazines, that meet all required design fundamentals and always adding that creative touch the adds the “pop” every business desires.

Digital Design

Fairfax Hyundai Display Ads - Graphic Design - The Kirk Concept

Offline designing is very different in comparison to online designing. If you are handed a business card you want it to speak to you while it is in your possession. Online designing must catch your attention along with the 50,000 other things you are looking at when you are online.

While keeping your brand in the forefront of every design, we work within the guidelines to create eye-catching web banners, display ads, social media graphics, etc., that is to be seen by your customers while they browse the internet.

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