Embrace the Freedom to Fail

Embrace the Freedom to Fail

Embrace the freedom to fail, or fail and be miserable

Just in the last decade this idea to embrace the freedom to fail has become extremely popular. Most of the time people won’t start pursuing something because they have a fear that is strong than the motive. This fear happens for good reasons, surprisingly, but it is not good for those who truly want to make a difference. Whether it is a new business idea, starting a new hobby, or just paying off debt, the decision has to be made.

There have been graphic design projects that I dread doing because I have the fear that it would take too much of my time to complete. Well guess what? The more I wait, the more it waits for me. Failure in this sense is a lot of time spent that wouldn’t be worth it. So what do I do? I grab a cup of coffee and block out some hours, and realize that it took me 45 minutes of designated work. I was afraid of my failure not knowing the outcome. Silly me. smh.

Here is the true definition of embracing the freedom to fail:

Having enough confidence to pursue something knowing that you will fall short somewhere along the way but also understand that detours have never stopped anybody from reaching their destination. And… it may not even be as scary as you think.

This post is short for a reason. Stop reading this post and go pursue what you have been afraid of pursuing because of failure. The only thing that is considered failure is when the pursuit never began and the opportunity to start is gone.

Share your thoughts on how you embrace the freedom to fail. Or just share your story on how you starting pursuing any dream that you have been hiding from! Thanks for reading!

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