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Learning Vue.js With A Mission!

Why am I learning Vue.js a Javascript framework?

I sought out to learn Javascript at the beginning of this year with a goal to just add it to my list of things I know. Then I realized that I am only scratching the surface with what I could do with Javascript once I looked up Javascript frameworks. There are a million JS frameworks and everybody has their reasoning behind why they use the one they do. Angular, jQuery, Node, React, Meteor, the list goes on forever!

Then I stumbled upon Vue.js from a friend and he said it is easy to learning but can power a decent sized web application. So my pursuit to javascript sped up to hurry and learn javascript. Now I am at the point where I am pretty well-rounded with the basic fundamentals of JS to start attacking Vue.js!

What in the world did I get myself into?!?!

My primary reasoning for this post is to let the world know that I am attacking Vue, but more importantly holding myself accountable for following through on this goal of creating something people can use. I have ideas all day everyday and I can never execute them through completion for the simple fact that I can’t program my good idea. When it comes building a website, I can do tht in my sleep. But what if it’s a tool people actually use everyday versus just when they need it? This is where the birth of my coding knowledge originated and it now continues.

All I ask is, hold me to learning and to continue. If I stop I am falling FAR FAR behind because there is another language being written right now that might help me get to my goal. Gotta get ahead of this. I’m on a mission!

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