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Custom Logo Design - The Kirk Concept

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The Kirk Concept Logo Design with Guides

What is the first you notice about an awesome logo design?

An awesome logo design catches your customer’s eye immediately!. Most of the time a company will overlook getting a custom logo for their business for the simple fact they don’t understand the value of investing into the visual parts of their brand with graphic design. Believe it or not, a custom logo will help sell your awesome product before your potential customer even see’s or finds your product!

The Kirk Concept Logo Design with Guides
Hypermax Custom Logo Design - The Kirk Concept

Custom Logo Design is what we specialize in

It is very easy to pay less than $50 to find a template, change the name and call it your logo. There are platforms that allow you to do this but I can guarantee you that after a year in business, you will grow to hate your cookie-cutter template logo. In short, you will feel disconnected from it because it wasn’t made for you. All of TKC’s logos are custom created for each and every client. Every client has a different industry, audience, brand, and no one logo can work for another business. The time is taken to carefully craft the logo the business dreams of.

T-Mobile Logo Redesign by The Kirk Concept

Your brand is in the right hands with TKC.

A logo is an essential part of every company. With our proven logo designing process, we have been able to successfully create and revamp a multitude of company’s visual branding with a customized and tailored logo. All of our logos follow the basic fundamentals of a successful logo design with a touch of creativity to leave your customers in awe!

T-Mobile Logo Redesign by The Kirk Concept

The proof is in the process

We start every logo design at the research phase with a logo questionnaire. Next, the rounds of pencil and digital sketches begin. We will finalize the layout of the logo you like best. In addition, we’ll go through rounds of revisions until the final logo is standing above all. You will receive a primary and secondary logo, custom colors, and fonts. All of this will be packaged in a logo/brand guideline book. You will hold tight to this book like the bible to your new logo.

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