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Ecommerce organic supplement company logo

An ecommerce organic supplement company logo - The Kirk Concept An ecommerce organic supplement company logo - The Kirk Concept An ecommerce organic supplement company logo - The Kirk Concept An ecommerce organic supplement company logo - The Kirk Concept

An ecommerce organic supplement company logo I created for a logo design contest.

The brief/request

TrueVitality is an e-commerce company focusing on bio-degradable, sustainable, vegan, eco-friendly beauty, and supplement products. We’re looking for a versatile logo that works on product packaging, social media platforms, websites, and that can be responsive to screen sizes. It’s fundamental that the logo looks good on mobile, as 90% of our traffic will be coming from mobile sources. We’re swayed towards more minimal logotypes but open to options. It’s crucial the logo is readable but still has a very organic, natural element to it. It’s a modern brand, that’s trying to shake up the supplement and beauty industry, so the logo needs to reflect this. The text can be presented in any of the following ways (across one or two lines) – ‘true vitality’, ‘truevitality’, ‘TRUE VITALITY’, ‘TRUEVITALITY’. We’re targeting primarily eco-conscious millennials who are interested in animal, chemical and plastic free supplement and beauty products. They are educated, active, health-conscious people that will purchase through social media channels. We will be targeting them with value-driven content before sending them info on our products, so the logo will stand alone on social media posts and resources, it should be able to be presented in both dark and light formats for this purpose.

Thank you for your time and look forward to seeing what you create!

My approach

This ecommerce organic supplement company logo design was a difficult one for me because this industry is so oversaturated. Organic/eco-friendly/vegan,etc. logos usually looks the exact same from one designer to another. So my thought was to go with a more aggressive approach as to what “organic” looks like.

The Icon

The icon I chose is a play on health and the letter “t” and of course the letter “v”. Most logos make the primary icon the focal point but I decided the name is the focal point. Yes, the icon can be shown alone to represent the brand, but in this instance it is more of secondary element than it is the primary.

The Typeface

The typeface for this logo needed to be a little more professional without being corporate so this is the one I chose. I did not make any changes to this typeface since I felt it was good as is!

The Color

The color they requested was grays. I chose grays and added the neon green to give it life. Grays can be very bland and for an organic supplement company its almost implied to use a soft green, or orange, or brown. I went neon because they also mentioned they wanted to reach a younger demographic. Coupled with the dark and light gray the green gives it a more modern feel to the logo.


This contest is still open and am waiting for the results. Fingers crossed! Feedback is welcome. Love is required!

If you are interested in getting a custom logo rebrand for your new or existing business, be sure to contact me today!

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