mySoloGym Custom Logo Design

MySoloGym is a unique fitness and workout experience that deserved a unique logo!

MySoloGym is a company that offers a private workout experience which is contrary to the big box gyms that allow for thousands of people to come in and out of their doors everyday. They needed a logo that was simple but reflected the personal experience every fitness enthusiasts would feel when encountering with the brand. It also needed to be a logo that can stand alone and look good on a tshirt so they can sell merchandise for this VIP experience.

This logo design project was a different from other logo designs because I was entrigued by the idea more than I was the honor of designing the logo. When passion comes with the logo I spend more time designing it. This logo took almost 8 weeks to come up with after a lot of rounds of sketches. More designs to show off as time progresses but feel free to follow them on social media and also checkout their coming soon website that I also designed and developed!

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