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An Energetic Pilates Fitness Studio Logo Design

Custom Pilates Logo Design Las Vegas Nevada - The Kirk Concept Custom Pilates Logo Design Las Vegas Nevada - The Kirk Concept Custom Pilates Logo Design Las Vegas Nevada - The Kirk Concept Custom Pilates Logo Design Las Vegas Nevada - The Kirk Concept

A Pilates Fitness Studio Logo Design I created for a logo design contest.

The brief/request

“Fitness studio where a DJ plays LOUD music during classes, a super dark studio with neon lighting, a kind of underground, nightlife type vibe. ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY! We don’t just want to give them an incredible workout, we want to give them an EXPERIENCE that is going to set the tone for their entire day- fun, happy, carefree.

The target audience is 30-50-year-old upper-class women and men, so the logo needs to have a high level of sophistication to its design but also ALIVE and off the charts FUN as we want it without scaring away some potential clientele.”

My approach

This pilates fitness studio logo design was a fun project to work on. As soon as I saw the name of the studio I immediately got a bunch of design ideas and immediately jumped to sketching. One issue I had to face was to create a graphic of a woman doing pilates that catered to both men and women. A crazy request, but it is what the client asked for.

The Icon

I started with the main “S” icon. I didn’t want to get too clever with this icon because it needed to be straight to the point due to the fact it would stand alone to represent the brand but leave room for the other elements of the logo. I went with the “superhero” style for the icon and with the italicized “s” it helps give the active feeling or movement effect for the logo.

The Typeface

Sometimes the font choice is a no-brainer when creating a brand due to my brain being a font book of itself.lol. The name of this font is Delirium and was literally the first font I thought of. It’s tall and has a sporty feel to it naturally so when italicized you definitely felt movement. The choice to not italicize the main “Sculpt Shop” text, was intentional to portray a foundation for the brand. Even though I tested variations with it being italicized, it felt I was trying to force the idea of movement, so the regular font won that battle.

The Supporting Element

Lastly, the woman icon that the client insisted was one of the most important elements, was a big hurdle that I knew I was going to have to attack head-on. Finding the perfect woman, the perfect pose, the right hair (so difficult), and something that just meshed well with the rest of the logo. I was able to find a nice reference picture of a pretty simple pose but the real challenge was the hair. Silhouette’s of hair is not the prettiest, but I still had to portray energy in some way so the fire-like hair that I went with portrayed exactly what I was looking for with also meeting the requirement of showing the hair in an “intense” way without being too wild looking

The Color

The color palette was the final touch and this came to me pretty easy as well. The color gray gives the logo some sophistication but the electric neon teal color screams energy due to its high saturation. The color green is represented as growth mixed with the color blue which represents trust using color theory. So these combined with a vibrant neon look allows for the perfect teal I like to call the “Sneon Teal”.


This logo was another one that was not selected for the simple fact that the client did not choose a logo at all and asked for a refund. Some of these design contests go that way unfortunately but the thought process is what I am most intrigued by in the logo design process. Let me know your thoughts on this pilates fitness studio logo design in the comments section! Thanks.

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