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T-Mobile Brand Redesign

Enjoy this T-mobile Brand Redesign This T-mobile brand redesign project, unfortunately, was not a project I was compensated for. I truly believe this is a brand that can use a facelift. Their messaging is always tailored to a younger audience […]

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How To Write A Converting Product Description

Converting Product descriptions are one of the most important aspects of an eCommerce converting product page. You should not take product descriptions lightly for a number of reasons. They help with website product page SEO, clarity, and readability. All factors […]

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mySoloGym Custom Logo Design

MySoloGym is a unique fitness and workout experience that deserved a unique logo! MySoloGym is a company that offers a private workout experience which is contrary to the big box gyms that allow for thousands of people to come in […]

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New Firefly Energy Logo Design

A new Firefly Energy Logo is here, TKC Delivered Again. The Firefly Energy logo had to be one that appealed to homeowners without being so typical. After researching solar company logo’s there are a lot of logos that look very […]

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Impossible Dreams or Actionable Goals?

The New Year is here. We all set yearly goals, but how many of them do we actually accomplish? Every new year the entire world feels refreshed and rejuvenated to accomplish so much! Lose weight. Get a raise. Read everyday. […]

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