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T-Mobile Brand Redesign

Enjoy this T-mobile Brand Redesign

This T-mobile brand redesign project, unfortunately, was not a project I was compensated for. I truly believe this is a brand that can use a facelift. Their messaging is always tailored to a younger audience but I do not feel their brand does. So I set out to make the connection with their brand and their customer base.

Changes I made

Simplifying the icon is where I started. I know how iconic the T-mobile “T” is in the logo but taking it to a sans-serif font immediately makes it more appealing to the younger audience. The next step was to update the color palette. They absolutely love their pink but I feel the black was a little too harsh and there wasn’t much flexibility with it. I updated the color palette to include a gray and a taupe color.

Lastly I created a dot patten as a secondary identity that can be used anywhere necessary. Places like website backgrounds, phone applications, print collateral, and more. You will also see the website mockup to showcase the entire brand being used together. This was for fun and I hope T-Mobile takes notice of these subtle changes. I will be staying tuned for the official T-mobile brand redesign.

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