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Are you required to have a responsive website?

Do you know what it means to have a responsive website?

I am going to breakdown what it means to have a responsive website. I am sure you hear this term thrown around when people talk about building a website. Website designers and developers use this term without educating their clients on exactly what this means. You’d be surprised at how many times business owners, who already have a website, ask what responsive means.
Responsive definition: quick to respond or react appropriately or sympathetically
A website that is responsive simply responds appropriately to the device the website is being viewed on. Have you ever been to a website where you had to immediately zoom out on your phone to see the entire site? This would be a non-responsive website. Your website should adapt to EVERY device not just on mobile either. Look at your website on an iPad, versus a kindle, versus your TV at home, the experience should be relevant to the device. About 5-10 years ago everyone had their domain (yourdomain.com) where their desktop version of their website lived and they would have an “m.” subdomain (m.yourdomain.com) where they would have a mobile-only version of their website. This required businesses and companies to pay for two different websites for one company. In theory, this is good but what if I told you nowadays you can build one website that adapts to any and all devices that your site is viewed on. This is a responsive website.

A responsive website is a requirement, not a feature.

Responsive Website vs Non-Responsive Website Comparison - The Kirk Concept
Making your website responsive should not be a feature you pay for. More importantly, a website should never be created unless it is responsive. 60%-70% of all websites are being viewed on mobile! Every website developer should know this and if they don’t they need to be updated. In other words, fun for the fences if that is your web developer. Or just send them this article…lol. A lot of web designers are designing for mobile devices first because of this statistic In conclusion, if you look at your website today and it is not responsive, I suggest you talk to your web developer. Your web developer needs to create consistent looks for all devices. You are losing a lot of customers who don’t like a bad experience. Most of the time if your website was built without other devices in mind the website will need a complete overhaul. Let us know about your experience with responsive websites and if this article helped define responsive websites for you. Also, if you are looking to have a custom website designed, let us know and we can do this for you! Your feedback is welcome and until next time, Thank you!

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