Godaddy Hosting Recommendation

What Hosting Solution Would You Recommend for Building A Website?

The hosting solution I always recommend is Godaddy.


There are a bunch of reasons we recommend Godaddy as a valid hosting solution, and it has nothing to do with price. A website is an online representation of a company. It is necessary that it is backed by a hosting service that focuses on security and reliability, and not price.  Here are the main reasons why we recommend Godaddy over the rest.

Reason #1 – Reliability

Godaddy is probably one of the more expensive hosting solution options but the reliability and the security they offer is unmatched. With other solutions like BlueHost, Hostmonster, 1dollardomains, etc., we have had clients websites go down completely. When you call support they are doing maintenance and all sites will be down for a day. We don’t know about you, but some of us can not afford for our website to be down a single minute, let alone a day.

Godaddy Hosting Solutions Recommendation Pricing - The Kirk Concept

Reason #2 – Variety

Godaddy offers a decent variety of plans to choose from. We choose the same plan every time which is the Linux Delux Plan and it is somewhere around $60 for the first year and they throw in a free domain for up to 2 years. No brainer if you ask us. Once that first year is up and it is time to renew, yes, the prices go up, but again for the reliability we recommend paying that extra $40-$50.

If you are not a website developer the Economy plan is a little cheaper and it supports one website with pretty limited storage space which would work for most businesses. The ultimate and the Business Hosting, that’s if you have a full-on agency where you host all of your client’s websites and/or you have a bunch of brands with websites underneath your company.

Reason #3 – Integration

Due to Godaddy being one of the leaders in the industry, they have integration services with most platforms that require some type of domain/hosting verification requirements. Some of the smaller companies don’t integrate well and you have to literally jump through hoops just to connect your hosting/domain accounts to other services.

In conclusion, reliability is my number one reason for choosing Godaddy. We will stand by this until they close doors or the internet dies (which isn’t anytime soon). The variety and the ease of integration are our secondary reasons for choosing Godaddy. Security is important and is more of a standard for Godaddy. They receive lawsuits and people questioning all the time about the security of their accounts so they must address these issues often.

Sign up with Godaddy today to get started or contact us to set everything up for your business! If you have another hosting solution that you recommend I would love to hear! Let me know which provider you use! If you enjoy the new Lotus Blüm Beauty logo design feel free to like, comment, and share! Thank you in advance!

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