How To Write A Converting Product Description

Converting Product descriptions are one of the most important aspects of an eCommerce converting product page.

You should not take product descriptions lightly for a number of reasons. They help with website product page SEO, clarity, and readability. All factors that will convince your audience into making a purchase on your site! Take a look at these six points to piecing together the highest converting product description.

1. Customer Callout/Identifying The Problem

Every business who offers a product is providing a solution to a common problem. By presenting the problem, you are connecting with your potential customer and starting them on a journey toward presenting your solution to them.

  • Does that little cupholder in your car usually double as a phone holder?
  • When you go and grab your morning coffee that phone usually ends up on your seat. Just before it smashes into your dashboard and hits the floor when you slam on the brakes at the next red light.

2. Press On The Customer’s Pain Point

So after identifying the customer’s problem, you must address their pain point. The best way to define this is the thing that would bother them the most about their problem. There can be one or many pain points. Just be sure to address all of the ones that your product will solve. Again, this presents a stage to present the solution in a way that convinces them to purchase.

  • Now you have a cracked phone and your struggling to pick it up off of the floor before the light turns green.
  • Not the start that you needed on an already stressful Monday morning commute.

3. Present The Solution

YES! Now it is time to present your product and how it is the solution to the customer’s problem and pain points. Be sure to be straight to the point and how it can be used. You can also give them a sense of satisfaction once your product is being used.

  • That’s where our handy all in one Cup & Phone Holder comes into play. Fits perfectly into any car and props your phone up for easy to view directions.

4. Justify The Price

Justifying the price is always a good practice for a high converting product description. If your product is $30, it becomes an easy sell when they could be paying a higher price for their problem, pain point, or even future pain point. Address this right after the solution so any doubts are removed early. Not to mention be able to enjoy your morning coffee without a $100 phone repair bill.

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5. Offer + Scarcity

High converting product pages usually have some type of offer that you can explain. Usually, the offer might be just the price of the product, but if there is more that can be talked about to sell on top of the sell, don’t leave it out!

  • Order yours today for 50% off! Limited quantities available. Free Shipping.

6. Product Features/Specs

Features and Specs are always necessary for those who need to size your product up with real-world use. The more you provide the fewer questions your customer may have, the sooner they will add that product to their cart to convert!

  • Soft rubber grips
  • Secure phone clamp
  • Adjustable for different cup sizes
  • Color: Red

The Final Word

Product descriptions can hurt you if you do not have them on your product pages, but by using these 6 steps to writing a high converting product description, you will benefit all the way to the end. The best part about product pages, is , they are never finished. You can add images, charts, and so much more as you see fit, then test to see how it does. You always want your best foot forward for the sake of conversions so take some time and write a good one!

Let us know how this works for you guys and let’s see some awesome product descriptions! Looking for someone to build your eCommerce website for your business, contact us today!

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